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Update (06-15-2017)

Hi All,

A free update is available for V19 users.

By default, the updates are automatic, however, if you modified the settings or if your computer is not online, follow the instructions below.
Use the Help-> Check for Updates menu option and follow the instructions to download the update. The update will be installed automatically when Punch! is restarted.
To verify the update was successful choose the Help-About Punch! menu option. The version number should show

Resolved issues:

– When exporting animation videos from a design containing reflections the results would sometimes contain odd artifacts visible through windows and door openings or would fail when fade effects were active.
– Custom Workshop profile generation now creates outlines per object instead of combining outlines of objects using matching material.
– Improved shading in Custom Workshop to prevent surfaces from becoming extremely dark.
– Improved gable creation when using the automatic roof generator.
– Floor and elevation bar now hidden correctly when exporting an animation video.
– Floor-Elevation Bar now hidden correctly when exporting animation. 3D window now returned to previous position correctly after export.
– Railing elevation is now set correctly when copying/moving to a different floor.
– Undo now stored when changing line thickness and undo string corrected.